During these challenging times within the tourism industry, one would think that we would be scared. We receive many messages of hope from others – “we hope you will survive this”! We truly believe, we will not just survive – but, we will thrive! We can all look at the current situation through different lenses – sadness, despair, fear or we can choose to look at this as an opportunity. The crisis, for us, has realigned us with our core values and we are inspired and ready to climb a mountain! It doesn’t mean that we don’t face the same stressors as everyone else in the industry. However, the situation has reminded us of all that is broken in the world and the role that we came to play when we started Nature’s Harmony over 13 years ago. Our vision was not merely about connecting people to nature. Our vision was to be a place for healing and balance to create harmony from within, harmony and connection with others and harmony with nature and the world at large.

From the outside – we have been considered to be ‘living the dream’. We are fortunate and some might say that we are lucky – but, when you learn and understand the back story, it’s been years of endured hardships – sacrifice, struggling through financial stress, not always being the mother I thought I would be as I am constantly pulled in too many directions and not always being the loving partner I wished I could be. It’s been a roller coaster ride – highs and lows and everything in between. But, we believed deeply that we were meant to be here and that always kept us pushing forward, even in the most challenging of times.

Over the years, we have come to realize the importance of community. With all the great intentions we had ourselves, we have come to accept that we cannot accomplish them alone. To accomplish great things, it takes a community. It takes a village!

What do we see as the next phase of Nature’s Harmony? We will always continue to operate the Ecolodge and create the space to connect people together and with nature. However, it is time to evolve. We plan to create a sustainable community right here at Nature’s Harmony and offer an alternative living style – one where we foster the principles of human interaction and harmony at all levels of being. We plan to create a healing centre where people can come to heal and an education facility where people come to learn. This vision has always been a part of us – but, it was overwhelming and we didn’t know where to start. After years of operating out of ‘survival’ mode, I am finally getting back to the powers of intention, positive thought and manifestation. It’s a huge vision and there are so many unknowns – but, we no longer hold fear or see them as obstacles. The journey so far has been about observing, learning and preparing us for what is next to come. Although in its infancy, this is the first phase of taking that next leap of faith – we are putting our intentions out there!

It is the individual stories that inspire others to make change possible! We see ourselves as one ripple for change, that leads to the next ripple and the next ripple, eventually creating a wave and the ultimate tsunami, which is the accumulation of many ripples, that will only create a better tomorrow.