Ontario’s Race with the Smallest Footprint!


ROTG 2021 Update (June 26) – Mark your calendars – the race is on!

At long last – it ‘s time to break the radio silence!  It’s been quite a year as a business owner enduring this covid reality.  Covid has challenged us to adapt, to get creative and has propelled us forward in many positive ways.  However, it has been exhausting as we pivoted each new covid curve ball that was thrown our way.  We wanted to wait until we were confident that we could move ahead with the 2021 ROTG before making any official event announcement or opening the registrations.  So, hear it is – the official announcement – the 2021 Run Off-the-Grid is on!!  We’re shaking our own dust off and getting back into preparation mode. We pulled off a successful ROTG in 2020 during covid and we will do the same for 2021 to ensure we host a live event on the trails that it is safe and fun for everyone. We will be opening registrations this coming week.  We also launched a new website this year and will be finalizing the ROTG sections of the website and we will start making regular Facebook posts again!  Stay tuned and please spread the word!

Come be a part of Northern Ontario’s longest, toughest and most remote trail run!  Enjoy breathtaking scenery of the Laurentian Mountains in the peak of the autumn colours.  

There are no roads and no pavement.  The course is 100% trail and completely remote.  It is you, your footsteps and the quiet of the wilderness.  Are you ready to break away from the Grid?

The course is a 12.5 km loop with a mix of terrain from various single track sections, old forest logging roads, rolling hills, super steep hills, fast flatter sections, technical rocky sections, creek crossings and a short section through a gravel pit with a sand dune to slide down.  Each additional loop is completed in the opposite direction, which makes it feel like a 25 km loop….plus everyone loves the community feeling of the lapping runners cheering each other on.

New to trail running or long distance running?  Not sure you can handle the challenge?

Participants are welcome to hike the 12.5K or 25K course and complete it at your own pace.  The focus is on ‘completion’ and not the time that it takes to get it done.  All that is required is the right motivation and anyone can do it!

What are the runners saying about the Run Off-the-Grid?

“I wish there was a way to emphatically roar loudly of this race destination…boasting deserved because the Run Off-the-Grid is a melee of magic in its entirety – from challenging yet varying and zigzagging soft-footed exciting course, to the warm kind-hearted directors and volunteers, the exquisite meal, showers, eco-friendly hearts, the ambience, the smiley racers and local supporters alike.  It’s charm creates one immeasurable blast of delight – a gold star on any ultra or trail runners wish list.  Thank you Jen and Tzach, for hosting the most home-vibe race of any known.” – Jeffrey Paul (2014 participant)

“I just ran the 25K this past weekend and WOW! What a great experience!  It was my first trail race and I think I’m ruined for road races.  I couldn’t get over how friendly and warm the atmosphere was…what lovely people! And the food was fantastic.  Thank you so much for a healthy vegetarian option.  Keep doing a great job with this race.  Your hard work is very much appreciated.”  – Chantal LaPalme-Thomas (2014 participant)

“This run is up there with Boston!  For me running the 50km and completing it was as rewarding as finishing the Boston Marathon” – Yvonne Mayhew (2014 participant)

“I haven’t been that dirty and intentionally gone in mud holes that deep since I was a kid….what a rejuvenating feeling.  There were moments where I thought it was nuts and not sure how many times I ran up to a bog or an obstacle and said “what the ….”, but now all I remember is how much fun that was!  If it’s nice weather next year, the challenge is to figure out how to still have mud holes and bogs!  Please.” – Chris Beibershire (2013 participant)

“I was delighted yet again by the scenery of the lakes, forests and people…traversed over 3 creeks, wiggled sharply around technical aspects of the forest and released the kid from within for 25 kms of balancing varieties of undulating earthy terrain.  What a blast!  Was splendidly welcomed with warm friendly volunteers and compassionately supportive race directors, serving up the finest lentil chili and the coldest pint of beer that a weary beat up body could ever crave.  If this hasn’t been a part of your running experience, for any trail enthusiast or adventurist, this little gem in Mattawa is a race to endure…purely magical.” – Jeffrey Paul (2013 participant)

“I spent most of the race thinking ‘why would anyone do this on purpose?’ And now I can’t wait to start training for the next one.  Thanks for making my first race ever a terrific experience.  Dinner and the eco-showers alone made it all worthwhile!”

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