Sustainable Living and Life Off-the-Grid!

We are a young family with a growing concern for the environment and a strong desire to make a difference. When we first moved to our property, we had no prior experience in the field of living ‘off-the-grid’, which means living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on the public utility system. We were ready to give up many of our modern-day essentials. However, we learned that living off-grid for us simply meant adaptation and conservation. With solar and wind energy and a back-up propane generator to charge a battery bank – we can live a fairly ‘normal’ lifestyle as long as we are conscious about our energy consumption. Through this process, we have discovered many simple ways to conserve energy and we are continually challenged to think outside the box to find new ways to live even more sustainably.

Our eco-philosophy is about taking the first step. Ultimately, the final goal is to become as sustainable as possible. However, if we only focus on the final goal, we would never take the first step because it is too overwhelming and likely too costly to achieve. We are not trying to demonstrate an ‘ideal’ sustainable living practice that is attainable by only a few. We are here to share the process. At Nature’s Harmony, we are laying a foundation and placing the building blocks – one by one – for more sustainable living. It is a process, a series of steps and a lifelong commitment to learning and sharing. We are combining new technology with a back-to-basics philosophy. You don’t need to live off-the-grid to make a difference. We hope that our story will inspire others to take their first steps to live a little more lightly on this plant.

Want to learn more about off-grid living? We can arrange a tour and share our story!