Where is the closest town if we need to buy anything?

The town of Mattawa is less than a 15-minute drive from Nature’s Harmony and offers a variety of shops, including restaurants, grocery stores, hardware store, pharmacy, LCBO and Beer Store.

Is there cell service or WIFI on the property?

There is no cell service or WIFI at the accommodations or on the property in general. Our guests truly enjoy the opportunity to disconnect from the stressors of daily life and enjoy being in the present moment. You can tell your family and friends that you are going “off-grid” and won’t be reachable for a few days! With that said, you can provide our contact information at Nature’s Harmony for any emergencies.

Should you need to be ‘connected’ during your stay, we do have one pocket on the property if you need to check a quick message. We don’t promote the spot – but, we can let you know where to find it. Otherwise, just a few minutes drive down the road, you will have full cell service again or you can drive to the town of Mattawa and use the WIFI services at the local Tim Horton’s or variety of restaurants.

What if we have questions during our stay?

We live on the same property and will be available if you have any questions or need any assistance. You can either walk or drive from your accommodation to reach us….or send us a smoke signal!

Are you pet friendly? Are there any specific pet rules?

Yes, we are pet friendly and dogs love it here! We ask for common sense pet practices like picking up after your dog, cover any yellow snow and keeping them on a leash around other guests. Pets are not allowed on the furniture – however, we do understand that some pets may do this regardless. If this is the case, please bring an extra cover material to protect the furniture. Dogs are allowed on all trails and can be off leash when not around other guests. Dogs are not allowed in the tubing area during the winter season. We have a $20 flat fee per pet to cover the additional costs associated with the clean up.

Do the accommodations stay warm enough on the cold winter nights?

Each accommodation has a woodstove sized specifically for the coldest winter nights. You should keep toasty warm no matter how cold the temperature is outside. Your accommodation will be warm upon arrival and we will go over detailed instructions on how to operate the woodstove. Even if you have never used a woodstove before, we will make sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to keep warm.

Can we drive right into the accommodations?

Yes, we maintain the roads all year-round so you can drive right in and park at the accommodations. The only exception is the Mongolian Yurt during the winter season, which is accessible via 4-wheel drive only. The Mongolian Yurt is positioned down a bit of a slope and can be slippery in certain conditions without 4-wheel drive. All other guests will park above and have less than a minute walk into the yurt. We will have sleds available to pull your gear into the yurt.