Reiki Teachings

Deciding to learn Reiki is a significant personal commitment that one should not take lightly. Teaching Reiki at Nature’s Harmony is done with the utmost respect for the healing art.

Reiki courses at Nature’s Harmony are designed as a weekend retreat in order to allow you, the student, to receive, absorb and connect, without the need to face reality’s challenges until you are ready for them. As part of your weekend retreat, you will enjoy Nature’s Harmony’s full hospitality, including all meals and accommodations.

As you arrive at Nature’s Harmony for your weekend Reiki Retreat – whether it is for level one, two, or three – you will be diving head first into your deepest self. You will receive a Reiki session and time alone in nature, to quiet your mind and prepare you for the intensity of the weekend.

During your Reiki Retreat, you will understand the theory behind Reiki, as well as, the traditional technique to perform it. But, most importantly, in an environment free of distractions and full of love, you will learn to feel. You will be guided to listen softly and develop your intuition, as it will gently take you through the giving journey of Reiki.

The Attunement Ceremony - This is the most important part of the Reiki teachings, and is what differentiates it from other healing modalities.
To understand, please read the following: The Attunement

Reiki Schedule - For an example of a Reiki Retreat schedule at Nature’s Harmony, please read the following: Reiki One Schedule

Capacity - To keep the Reiki environment intimate, space is limited to 4 students per weekend Retreat.

Cost - Cost for your weekend Reiki Retreat is as follow:

  • Reiki Level One: $500
  • Reiki Level Two: $600
  • Reiki Level Three/ Master: $800
  • Accommodations: Included
  • All meals: Included

Upcoming Reiki Retreats:

  • Reiki Level One – April 22-24, 2011
  • Reiki Level Two – May 20-22, 2011

Testimonials - “This weekend was beyond words. Nature’s Harmony offers a connection to nature, which in turn gives you a different perspective on life. Thank you for your time, energy and commitment. Your openness and receptiveness allowed me to feel completely at home. Tzach, Reiki Master, has a wonderful gift of creating an environment of trust so that you are able to relax and receive. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.
- Anne Bentley, North Bay, ON

Looking forward to be a part of your journey,
Tzach Elnekave,
Reiki Master/ Teacher