Reiki Sessions

When you come to a Reiki session at Nature’s Harmony, you are putting yourself up for an hour and a half of pure bliss. Immerse yourself, as nature’s serenity is all around you.

Your Reiki session may be about complete relaxation, or it may be about an emotional release. It may take you on a spiritual journey, or lead you to a breakthrough in your personal development. And if there is a physical matter, it will assist in making it better.

No two sessions are alike - every session is different, as every person is different. Every situation in a person’s life is different; therefore, the specific needs of the moment might be different.

Your job as a recipient - is to relax and trust, to open up and allow. You can bring scepticism, if you like, as long as you stay open to receive. As you open up, you will allow the energy to feel your highest good, the flow will start and will take you on a beautiful journey of love and light.

As you walk out of the Reiki cabin, you will find yourself surrounded by nature’s love and peace once again. Walk slowly and allow yourself to digest. Take a leisurely hike in one of our beautiful scenic trails. Listen to the sounds; smell the aroma. Take a deep breath and observe the details of nature as it presents itself to you in a new light. Feel the connection.

After a Reiki session - you might feel one or more of the following:

  • Complete relaxation
  • Deep sense of meaning
  • Clarity of your next move in life
  • Free and light weight
  • Relief of aches and pains
  • Inspired
  • Shocked, amazed…looking for logic
  • Other sensations, unique to you and your situation

As you drive out, take your time and allow the process to continue. Go back to what has happened and think – what is next? Don’t disregard the inner voice; listen to it – even if it doesn’t make sense. The sense might be on a higher level than what you see right now.

Availability - Contact us for availability as our schedule is dynamic.

Cost -The cost for a Reiki session is $65.

Length - The length of a Reiki session will vary depending on your needs. A session can be between an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours. Some special circumstances will require longer sessions. No matter the length, the cost will stay the same.

Tzach Elnekave,
Reiki Master/ Teacher