Our Story

Your Hosts - Jen, Tzach, Ella & Maya

Jen & Tzach Elnekave are the owners and hosts of Nature’s Harmony and they are the proud parents of two young girls, Ella and Maya.

Tzach is originally from Israel and Jen is a native Canadian. In 2002, we both left our home countries as independent travelers to tour the world for a year. But, fate had our paths cross on foreign sands. We met in a small seaside village in Cambodia and shared an immediate connection. This led to a long process of good byes, not knowing whether we would meet again, and the shuffling of travel plans to re-unite. We traveled many parts of South East Asia together, including Laos, where we both volunteered for a month building an adobe mud house.

After one of our many good byes, we reunited in New Zealand. This is where we added the first addition to our family – we rescued our dog, Benben, from a local SPCA. He was a 3 year old corgi at the time and is quite the character. The three of us then traveled New Zealand for 6 weeks living out of an old beat up station wagon.

At the end of our travels, we both spent time in each of our home countries. Despite the obstacles of independence, distance, cultures and religions – we crossed every hurdle and we were married in Israel on April 28th, 2006.

Adobe mud house in Laos where Jen & Tzach volunteered

For both of us, the entire travel experience was a life changing one. We first left our home countries with nothing more than a backpack and an open mind. As individuals, we allowed the experience to guide us – with no restrictions and no time constraints. We experienced different cultures, religions, foods and learned about the history of each country. In these lesser developed countries, we often sensed an inner peace that we rarely encounter back home. The experience taught us both to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.

This travel journey will always remain one of the greatest memories of our lives. But, what followed were some of the most challenging years to come. The experience changed us more than we would have ever imagined. We now wanted so much more out of life. We felt a need to make a difference in the world and to live a life that would inspire others.

Benben, our world traveling dog from New Zealand

We spent two hard years searching and struggling to find our purpose and meaning. In 2004, we came up with our business idea on a four hour road trip to North Bay. The idea itself encompassed everything for us. We wanted to live a green lifestyle. We wanted to create and share the type of environment that we enjoyed most while traveling. We wanted to continue to meet new people. We wanted to be close to nature. And most importantly, we wanted to make a difference – whether it is sharing our green philosophy or inspiring others to follow their dreams.

We were both so excited and full of inspiration. The first place that came to mind was Mattawa because it is one of the most beautiful, yet undiscovered places in Northern Ontario. However, it didn’t take long for fear to overshadow our dream. Slowly, the dream slipped away – it never left us, but it was buried deep inside.

In 2006, after a number of remarkable coincidences, the dream resurfaced. Tzach was starting to study Reiki and I decided to have my first session so that I could understand what he was studying. During this session, our vision was brought back to life. This time it was clear and all the fear was removed. That very same day, the listing for our place came out of no where. It felt like one of those rare opportunities that only comes once in a life time. That evening, I was talking to my mother about my life philosophy on living with ‘No Regrets’. I explained to her that whenever I am faced with a major life decision, I try to picture myself at the end of my life, reflecting back on the very cornerstone. If it is clear that I would regret not taking the chance, I know what the decision has to be.

Living life with 'No Regrets'

The next day, we went to see the place and as we slowed down to turn on to the dirt road leading to the house, there was a huge wooden sign with big, red, block letters that read, ‘No Regrets’. The message was a little too powerful to ignore and from the moment we stepped through the front doors, we both knew this was the place. The next mountain to climb was a steep one. Again, we were surrounded by the fears and doubts by all those who cared most about us. But, this time there was a calmness that came with knowing and believing that this was the right decision. With strength, persistence, determination and patience we finally got the place.

We are very grateful to be here and we look forward to sharing Nature’s Harmony with everyone who comes our way!