2017 Event Update

by natures_harmony on February 17th, 2017

Run Off-the-Grid, Into the White & Gathering music festival

We apologize for the ‘silence’ with respect to our events. We’ve been taking some time off to recharge our batteries. In the last 10 years, Tzach and I have accomplished a lot together – we started Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge, we launched three events (ROTG, ITW and a music festival) and we had three children during this time. In the beginning, we had all the energy in the world, which enabled us to be creative and focused and to work long hours and weeks on end with no breaks. The process itself was incredibly rewarding – to watch our dream become a reality, to see the events grow, to meet so many incredible people – and this fueled us to keep pushing forward. However, over time, that same energy started to fade and led us into a state of burn out. Unfortunately, we hadn’t focused enough energy on creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle for ourselves and family. Thankfully, we realized the signs early enough to take a pause, which is the reason we have taken some time off these events. We have invested a lot of energy into the success of these events and we want to make sure that they continue for many years to come. However, we have realized that it is too much work for just the two of us to run these events on our own. We are looking to build a team of interested individuals to help organize and run these events. If anyone is interested in being a part of the ROTG, ITW or Gathering event teams, please send us a message.

Where do we stand for the 2017 events?

Into the White – we have decided to go ahead with the snowshoe race this year, but at a somewhat reduced capacity. The event will be similar to prior years – however, the fees for this year will be by donation only. The event will be on the same course (5K and 12.5K), it will finish at the bottom of the tube run and a light lunch will be served over the bonfire. However, there will be no formal advance registration, limited marketing, no prize table and only one start time. But, it will be just as much fun as any previous year. The date is set for Saturday, February 4th. 

Run Off-the-Grid – the ROTG will be back on the calender for 2017.  However, we will not be part of the Ontario Ultra Series for 2017. Our goal is to be back up and running at full scale for 2018 and to return to the Ontario Ultra Series at that time. The date is set for Saturday, September 30th.  We will be updating our website and opening the online registrations shortly. To stay current on event postings, please join our Facebook event page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/runoffthegrid/

Gathering music festival – we are working on building an event team for the Gathering and hope to return in 2018.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Jen & Tzach

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